12/22/2016 9:00:00 AM

Student Government at Assembly Conference

In the final months leading to year’s end, many find it a time to reflect on the year that has almost passed, a time to perhaps break out some holiday ornaments or decorations, and watch the snow begin fall out the window.

For twelve students at SUNY Poly in Utica, it marked an opportunity to travel to the state capital and attend the SUNY Student Assembly Conference.

Throughout November 11-13, members of SUNY Poly’s Student Association attended the conference along with student government delegates and representatives from each of the 64 SUNY campuses throughout New York State.

The purpose of the conference is for student government representatives to vote upon important legislation while simultaneously attending workshops and sessions that provide the chance to talk about campus issues and generate new and innovative ideas on what can be done for the students of each respective campus.

“In addition to attending information sessions, this was a great time for the Student Government members to learn more about each other, and create more ideas to better our campus life,” said Samantha Stewart, Student Government President and Mechanical Engineering Technology major at SUNY Poly in Utica. “Our Student Government was lucky to send 12 students to this conference, and each student brought back new ideas.”

Those 12 students also attended the Presidential Gala, which allowed all the students in attendance from across the SUNY system the opportunity to get dressed up, hit the dance floor, and relax after a full and active weekend.

The members that attended the conference on behalf of the SUNY Poly Utica campus were David Abbott, Samantha Stewart, Quincy Adams, Kevin Carpenter, Travis Register, Patrick Medve, Elizabeth Doxtater, Jakob Webster, Elias Zeina, Charles Scarafile, Joseph Jerie, and Robert Mcnamee.