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Outreach Report

2015 Outreach Report

Supporting Governor Andrew Cuomo’s vision and leadership in building a world-class labor force and high-technology ecosystem across New York State, SUNY Polytechnic Institute organized and deployed a comprehensive portfolio of innovative educational, community, arts/cultural, and public outreach programs and initiatives in 2015, serving more than 141,000 individuals, including 29,000 students.

Educational Outreach

SUNY Poly is leading a first-of-its-kind effort to ensure the preparation of a highly educated and skilled innovation-based workforce, utilizing a pioneering approach that includes next-generation curricula, unparalleled training, and lifelong learning initiatives at all levels.

Community Outreach

SUNY Poly is recognized as a catalyst for increasing awareness of, and participation in, New York’s rapidly expanding high-tech economy, as well as showcasing the growing impact of nanotechnology on society, through partnerships with a host of important stakeholders across every sector, from government, academia, and technology to business and nonprofit.

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